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Related post: Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 17:30:08 +1000 (EST) From: Dane Isaac Subject: Rian chapter free xxx russian sex 6Hey guys, sorry its been a while! im still petite russian girl getting such russian porno divas a great response to this russian 14 age fucking story so thanks!I'm sorry russian free sex clips if i havent emailed you back but my internet servers having issues and ive been extremely russian kid fuck busy all week!!! Cant wait for the weekend... i will get to the emails though!!! Anyway heres the next chapter! enjoy (it may be a bit rough and unedited) Rian Chapter 6 The kiss was so soft and gentle that Rian accidentally let out a quiet whimper. nude russian schoolboy Jake pulled away and looked at him closely."Am I reading this wrong?" He whispered, his mouth russian sexys not an inch away from Rian's.Rian paused. nude russian scammers His mind was spinning and all he could think about was those lips back free russian nudist galleries on his. "No. Jake^ Please^?"The smile on Jake's face russian free pic incest was tender. "Then you won't mind if I kiss you?"He leaned back down before Rian could answer and their lips once again touched. Jake increased the pressure, constantly mindful of not hurting Rian. A deep moan came from Jake as his lips opened and his tongue brushed Rian's. His single russian girls tongue delved deeply into Rian's mouth. Rian felt as if photo rating sites russian his heart was expanding and had an uncontrollable urge to giggle.He did. It burst out russian nude of him and Jake pulled back to give him a strange look."What?" He asked, a little worried.Rian tried to stop giggling and found himself grinning like a maniac.A russian girls art smile slowly spread over Jake's face as he watched the beautiful boy seemingly so full of joy."It's probably a combination of the pain meds and I think he's just happy." A voice said from behind Jake.Jake jumped and spun around. A doctor stood there with a smile of his own. He nude russian kid picture was in his late thirties but still incredibly handsome, tall, dark hair and eyes and swarthy skin."Huh?" was the russian girlsxxx only sexy russian boys pics reply Jake could come up with."He's probably a bit giggly from the pain medication and free russian sexy photos he's Naked russian women personals seems very happy. Are you his boyfriend?" the doctor asked with a smile."Oh. Um." tender russian sex Jake bit his lip and looked at Rian.Rian had focused on the russian incest site doctor and despite feeling suddenly drowsy, he squeezed Jake's hand. "Are you my doctor?""At your service. My name is Dr Clemens but you may call me Mike. How are you feeling? Much pain?" Dr Clemens moved toward the end of Rian's bed and checked over the chart there."Um. A bit in my chest." Rian said shyly. Pulling Jake closer to him by his hand.Dr Clemens gave him a sympathetic look. "Mmmm, that would be your ribs. One was broken and two others were fractured. Another looks like it was fractured a while ago but it was aggravated again. Tell me russian thai on a scale of one russian loita fuck pics to ten, one being unbearable pain handjob russian and ten being mildly painful, how do you feel?"Rian thought about it for a moment. "Eight. Unless russian mpeg I move too russian nudist site much."Dr Clemens smiled. "That's fine Rian."Dr Clemens gave him a check over. "Your mostly ok. russian nude gallery A bit bruised and battered but the worse is those ribs, you're very russian nude dates lucky that the broken one didn't puncture your lungs. Now Rian, do you need to go to the bathroom?"It was then that Rian noticed a pressing need to pee, one that got more pressing now that he was thinking about it. He nodded in russian amatuer embarrassment, his face scarlet.The doctor only smiled. "If you could wait outside." He asked Jake politely. Jake nodded and left with a backwards erotic russian stories glance at Rian."He really kiddy porn russian girls likes you. Is he your boyfriend?" Dr Clemens asked before he retrieved a bedpan."I don't know yet. We russian cyber slut haven't really been able to talk about it." Rian whispered, still russian nude girls picture feeling embarrassed. His eyes locked on the bedpan and widened."Ok Rian. Would you like me or incest russians a nurse to do this? I need to see if you have any discolouration in your urine." The doctor spoke gently and gave Rian a reassuring smile."You." Rian closed his eyes as the blankets shift but jumped and gave a startled look at mature russian the doctor when he felt a hand on his dick."Wha?" Rian looked at him in shock.The doctor was trying his hardest not to laugh at the shocked and horrified expression on russian raping his patient's face. "I need to put you in the bedpan Rian. Its ok, I'll be as quick as I russian sex fuck can."Rian closed his eyes again and felt himself burning up. He just knew he was bright red. It escort russian watersports was all over in a matter of minutes and the doctor noted that everything looked ok down there."Now I've talked to your russian adoptions san jose guardian but I want you to stay one more night for observations and then you should be right to rough russian sex go." Dr russian 10 yo nude Clemens smiled at Rian. He couldn't believe that a father had done this to his own son and was horrified by the brutality russian naturists nude pics russian nationalist music of the beating. Rian looked a lot worse than he was, for which Mike was thankful."I'll send your friend back in and go and get your guardian. Let hot nude russian babes me know if you need anything ok?"Rian nodded slightly. He russian lesbian rape was starting to feel incredibly sleepy. "Thanks."Dr russian nude magazine Clemens patted his leg and left. By the time Jake reached him Rian had fallen deeply asleep. Jake just sat by the free russian pono bed and watched him.Gus came in twenty minutes later and the sound of whispered voices woke Rian up. He turned and watched then speak quietly before Jake, who's eyes never strayed far from Rian, noticed he was awake. Gus turned and smiled."Rian, the police are yr russian porn here and they want to speak to you. They just want to know what happened so you can take your time. I'll stay here with you ok?" Gus said gently, taking Rian's hand.Rian nodded. Gus turned to Jake and asked him to send in the police and wait with Tristian in the waiting room.There russian bikini lady was one uniformed russian roulette toy gun policewoman and another man in a suit who russian women suck cock came over to the bed. The woman looked kind and had a concerned expression on her face as she smiled warmly at Rian. russian facial The man was unreadable but he smiled at Rian who felt a bit more reassured."Hi Rian. My name is Detective russian baby pussy photo Marcello and russian beauty naked this is Constable Harris. We just need nude russian college to ask you a few questions about what happened." The man said softly, not wanting porno kids pictures russian to scare the boy.Rian nodded but didn't single russian bride say anything, just squeezed Gus' hand."Has naked russian wemon your father free zoo porn russian hurt you before all this?" Marcello asked.The police left thirty minutes later after Rian told them everything they asked. Jake and Tristian bounded into the room soon after and Rian tried to keep up with the lively pictures russian whores conversation but found himself dozing on and off.It was an hour later that two well dressed and well russian hot chicks sex preserved people entered the room and headed towards Rian's bed. Rian russian ls magazine tgp watched them approach and listened as the conversation died. His grandparents had that effect on people. russian small girls The haughty expressions on their faces and their deliberate display of wealth often intimidated people."Hello Rian." His grandmother said after only a cursory glance at the other naked russian bears occupants of the room."Hi grandma." Rian answered, knowing it annoyed her. He felt a moment's satisfaction to see a muscle under her eye twitch. russian nude amateurs "Grandpa." He directed this at a slightly overweight, ruddy-faced man who was barely looking at him.His grandfather just nodded, allowing his wife russian nude pregnant to run the conversation."Now if you russian mature porn tube don't mind I would like a word with Rian alone." She said pointedly russians porns looking at Jake, Tristian and Gus."Do you want me to stay Rian?" Gus asked, ignoring the angry look on Rian's grandmother's face. Rian nodded free russian porn videos and Gus motioned the boys out free nude russian nubiles of the room."Well really. We are his free russian nude pic grandparents."Gus ignored that statement and stood up offering his hand. "You russian nudist message board must be Elizabeth and naked russian twinks George. voyeur russian top 50 I'm Angus, we spoke briefly on xxx russian search engine the phone."Elizabeth gave russian lollita pics Gus's hand a russian goth girls quick shake and an insincere voloptuous russian women smile. "Well Rian. I have spoken with your father. He is very sorry for his actions. You must understand the stress and heartbreak he's suffered. Firstly to discover his only child has^ well^ issues and then for that free russian porno sites silly wife of his to leave. Now we think it would be best if you drop the charges and come hardcore russian torture sites stay with us while your father sorts himself out."Rian stared russian boy photos at her in sexy russian nude photos disbelief. That had previously been his way of thinking, taking the blame on himself but after this incident and the reactions of Gus, Tristian and Jake, he had come to realize that none of this was his fault. That his grandmother could say that as she stood over his badly bruised body was shocking to Rian.He looked frantically at Gus who was still staring at Elizabeth with a look bordering on contempt. Gus squeezed his hand, and then smiled faintly at the Balmonts."I'm afraid its no longer that simple. Because russian pic forum Rian is a minor this has to be taken very seriously. He has already spoken with the police about the incidents and this is russian boob guessing game now out of his hands." Gus spoke coldly."Oh, I'm sure it can be russian flexy explained away. Now Rian, I'll organize with the doctor for you xxx russian oral to come home with us this afternoon. George has business he needs to attend to tomorrow so we cant galleries russian boys wait around." Elizabeth said briskly, smiling at George.Rian was starting to panic. He couldn't go and live with them! His breathing increased and with it russian bride cyber guide russian free mpeg the pain in his chest. He let out a small moan of pain which Gus immediately saw and pressed the buzzer for a nurse.A nurse came youth russian porn lola russian in a moment later and administered more pain relief. Jake and Tristian had followed the nurse in and hurried to Rian side. Tristian shot a glare russian girls mpeg at the Balmonts who were looking frustrated."Where is his doctor? This hospital is awful. Nurse, fetch his doctor I want a word with him. We need naturist russian pictures to take him back this afternoon." Elizabeth demanded of the nurse.The woman looked affronted and after a glance at Rian, smiled politely. "I'll have his doctor paged. In the meantime, fucked russian girls I think Rian has had enough pree russian excitement. Would you be kind enough to wait out in the waiting room down the hall? I'll send the doctor through to see you as soon as he arrives."After a bit of a fuss the Balmonts allowed themselves to be led down the hall. Gus started pacing and that did little to calm Rian's nerves."I'm going to have a word with Dr Clemens and ask him to insist that you stay at least petite russian pic one more night. I have to call a few people." Gus muttered then hurried russian sluts video out.Rian, Tristian dating russian women and Jake all looked fearfully at each other. Rian felt russian stacy nude any happiness from earlier fade away. He couldn't live with them. He would rather run away.
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